Kip McGrath Education Centre

Kip McGrath Education Centre

Transforming Educational Spaces: A Case Study of Kip McGrath Education Centres

Client: Jay Grocott, Centre Director, Kip McGrath Education Centres Location: Downend, Bristol, UK


This case study delves into the collaboration between Kip McGrath Education Centres and MJP Electrical, highlighting the positive impact of their electrical solutions on the Downend branch in Bristol. Jay Grocott, the Centre Director, shares his experience and emphasises the exceptional service provided by MJP Electrical throughout the project.


Kip McGrath Education Centres, renowned for their tutoring services catering to students aged 6 to 16, faced a challenge when they acquired a new lease in Downend, Bristol. The existing shop fit, left behind by the previous tenant, required a complete refurbishment. With the landlord unable to make any alterations, a comprehensive electrical solution was needed.


To address the electrical requirements for the new lease, Jay Grocott approached MJP Electrical for a consultation. His key expectations from an electrical company were honesty, reliability, and a clear understanding of what could be achieved within the allotted budget.


MJP Electrical provided a tailored solution that involved a thorough rewiring of the premises. They took into consideration the specific needs of the education centre, ensuring the installation of new electrical circuits for air conditioning, lighting, computers, and computer networks. Throughout the project, MJP Electrical demonstrated professionalism and clear communication, keeping Jay informed about the progress and accommodating any changes or queries.

Watch the video interview with Jay: